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World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

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Agency List

WOUDC Defined Agencies

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Acronym Agency Name Country DSS File
03RD-QJRMS Reconstructed Data - Reported in QJRMS 2003
AAS-AAAC Argentine Antarctic Survey and the Argentine Antarctic Army Command ARGENTINA
ABM Australian Bureau of Meteorology AUSTRALIA
AEMET National Institute of Meteorology of Spain SPAIN
AHMS Armenian State Hydrometeorological and Monitoring Service (formerly DHRA) ARMENIA
AM-IMS Meteorological Service of the Italian Military Airforce ITALY AM-IMS_DSS.doc
ARPA-VDA Aosta Valley Regional Environmental Protection Agency of Italy ITALY
ASM-ARG Academy of Sciences of Moldova-Atmospheric Research Group MOLDOVA ASM-ARG_DSS.txt
AT_IU Austrian UV network - Innsbruck Medical University AUSTRIA
AUTH Aristole University of Thessaloniki GREECE
AWI-NA Alfred Wegener Institute - Ny Alesund GERMANY AWI-NA_DSS.html
AWI-NM Alfred Wegener Institute - Neumayer GERMANY
BAS British Antarctic Survey U.K.
BNIHM Bulgarian National Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology BULGARIA
BSU-NOMREC Belarus State University - Nat. Ozone Monitoring Research and Education Centre BELARUS BSU-NOMREC_DSS.txt
CAMS-IAC Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences - Institute of Atmospheric Chemistry P.R. CHINA
CAO Central Aeronomy Observatory of Russia RUSSIA
CAS-IAP Chinese Academy of Sciences - Institute of Atmospheric Physics P.R. CHINA
CHMI-HK Czech HydroMeteorological Institute - Hradec-Kralove CZECH REPUBLIC
CHMI-PR Czech HydroMeteorological Institute - Prague CZECH REPUBLIC
CNR Italian National Centre for Research ITALY
CNR-IDASC Institute of Acoustics and Sensors "Orso Mario Corbino" ITALY
CNRS National Centre for Scientific Research - France FRANCE
CRESTech Centre for Research in Earth and Space Technology CANADA
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation AUSTRALIA
CWBT Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan R.O.C. CWBT_DSS.txt
DMI Danish Meteorological Institute DENMARK
DMSB Department of Meteorological Services of Botswana BOTSWANA
DNMUY National Meteorological Directorate of Uruguay URUGUAY
DWD-GRUAN German Weather Service - GCOS Reference Upper Air Network GERMANY
DWD-MOHp German Weather Service - Meteorological Observatory at Hohenpeissenberg GERMANY
DWD-MOL German Weather Service - Meteorological Observatory at Lindenberg GERMANY
DWD-MOP German Weather Service - Meteorological Observatory at Potsdam GERMANY
EIMO Easter Island Meteorological Office CHILE
EMA Egyptian Meteorological Authority EGYPT
EPA_UGA US Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Georgia at Athens USA
ETHZ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology- Zurich SWITZERLAND
FIMO Falkland Islands Meteorological Office FALKLAND ISLANDS (U.K.)
FMI Finnish Meteorological Institute FINLAND
FMI-SMNA Finnish Meteorological Institute - National Meteorological Service of Argentina ARGENTINA
HKO Hong Kong Observatory HONG KONG
HKPU Hong Kong Polytechnic University HONG KONG
HKU Hong Kong University HONG KONG HKU_DSS.txt
HMS Hungarian Meteorological Service HUNGARY
Hokkaido_U Hokkaido University
Howard_U Howard University USA
HSSRV Hydrometeorological Service of S.R. Vietnam VIETNAM
IAA-CHMI Instituto Antarctico Argentino - Czech Hydrometeorological Institute CZECH REPUBLIC
IAO V.E. Zuev Institute of Atmospheric Optics
IDEAM Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Research (of Colombia) COLOMBIA
IEM-SPA Institute of Experimental Meteorology - Scientific Production Association RUSSIA
IGUT Institute of Geophysics - University of Tehran IRAN
IMC Institute of Meteorology of Cuba CUBA
IMD India Meteorological Department INDIA
IMHM Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Mongola MONGOLIA
IMO Icelandic Meteorological Office ICELAND IMO_DSS.doc
INPE National Institute of Aerospace Science of Brazil BRAZIL
INTA National Institute of Aerospace Technology of Spain SPAIN
IPS Institute of Physics - Serbia SERBIA
IPSL Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (France) France
JMA Japan Meteorological Agency JAPAN JMA_DSS.txt
JRC_EU Joint Research Centre of the European Union ITALY
KMA Korean Meteorological Administration KOREA
KMD Kenyan Meteorological Department KENYA
KNMI National Meteorological Institute of the Netherlands NETHERLANDS
KNU Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University UKRAINE
KSNU Kyrgyz State National University KYRGYNSTAN
LA-OMP Laboratoire d'Aerologie - Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees FRANCE
LAPAN Indonesian National Institute of Aeronautics and Space INDONESIA
LHMA Latvian Hydrometeorological Agency LATVIA
LHMS Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service LITHUANIA LHMS_DSS.txt
LIP Lithuanian Institute of Physics LITHUANIA
MDI Meteorological Department of Iran IRAN
ME Irish Meteorological Office IRELAND
MEC-NY Medger Evers College, NY USA
MeteoSwiss MeteoSwiss (formerly Swiss Meteorological Institute) SWITZERLAND
MGO Main Geophysical Observatory of Russia RUSSIA
MIG Mexico Institute of Geophysics MEXICO
MLCD-LU Meteo Lycee Classique Diekirch of Luxembourg LUXEMBOURG MLCD-LU_DSS.txt
MMO Maldaves Meteorological Office MALDIVES-U.K.
MMS Malaysian Meteorological Service MALAYSIA
MOSH Meteorological Office of St. Helena ST. HELENA
MSC Meteorological Service of Canada (Atmospheric Environment Service) CANADA MSC_DSS.TXT
MSC-MLO Meteorological Service of Canada - Mauna Loa Observatory CANADA MSC-MLO_DSS.txt
MSM Meteorological Service of Mozambique MOZAMBIQUE
MSP Meteorological Service of the Philippines PHILIPPINES
MSS Meteorological Service Singapore SINGAPORE
NASA-Ames NASA Ames Research Centre USA
NASA-GSFC NASA Goddard Space Flight Center USA
NASA-JPL NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory USA
NASA-LaRC NASA - Langley Research Center USA
NASA-TOMS NASA Goddard Space Flight Center USA
NASA-WFF NASA - Wallops Island Flight Facility USA
NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan JAPAN
NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research NORWAY
NILU-U_Oslo NILU and the University of Oslo NORWAY
NIWA National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand NEW ZEALAND
NIWA_UV National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand (UV studies) NEW ZEALAND NIWA_UV_DSS.txt
NIWA-LAU National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research of New Zealand at Lauder NEW ZEALAND
NMS Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) NIGERIA
NMSM National Meteorological Service of Morocco MOROCCO
NOAA-CMDL NOAA - Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory USA
NSF National Science Foundation - USA USA NSF_DSS.htm
OBX Universite Bordeux FRANCE OBX_DSS.txt
PAS Polish Academy of Science POLAND
PennState_U Penn State University USA
PIM Portuguese Institute of Meteorology PORTUGAL
PIMWM Polish Institute of Meteorology and Water Management POLAND
PMD Pakistan Meteorologcal Department PAKISTAN
PMOD-WRC Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos-World Radiation Centre SWITZERLAND PMOD-WRC_DSS.pdf
PRLI Physical Research Laboratory of India INDIA
RAS-IAP Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Atmospheric Physics RUSSIA
RMDA Regional Meteorological Directorate of Algeria ALGERIA RMDA_DSS.htm
RMIB Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium BELGIUM
RNIMH Romanian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology ROMANIA
SAWS South African Weather Service SOUTH AFRICA
SCI-TEC Kipp & Zonen Canada (SCI-TEC Instruments Incorporated) CANADA
SHMI Slovak HydroMeteorological Institute SLOVAKIA
SMHI Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute SWEDEN
SMNA National Meteorological Service of Argentina ARGENTINA
SNMS Seychelles National Meteorological Service SEYCHELLES
SpectralAR Spectral Applied Research CANADA
TMD Thailand Meteorological Department THAILAND
Tribhuvan_U Tribhuvan University NEPAL
TSMS Turkish State Meteorological Service TURKEY
U_Aleppo University of Aleppo SYRIA
U_Athens University of Athens GREECE
U_Colorado University of Colorado USA
U_LaReunion Université de La Réunion FRANCE
U_Magallanes University of Magallanes CHILE U_Magallanes_DSS.htm
U_Manchester University of Manchester U.K. U_Manchester_DSS.txt
U_Nairobi University of Nairobi KENYA
U_Oslo University of Oslo NORWAY
U_Panama University of Panama PANAMA U_Panama_DSS.txt
U_RhodeIs University of Rhode Island USA
U_Rome University of Rome ITALY
U_Rome-CRPSM University of Rome - Centro di Ricerca Progetto San Marco ITALY
U_Tartu University of Tartu ESTONIA
U_Toronto University of Toronto CANADA
U_Tromso University of Tromso NORWAY
UAC Ukranian Antarctic Centre UKRAINE
UAE-MOC Abu Dhabi Ozone & Met.Instruments Lab. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES
UAH University of Alabama at Huntsville (USA) USA
UAI Uruguayan Antarctic Institute URUGUAY
UAI-SMFA Uruguayan Antarctic Institute - Air Force Weather Service URUGUAY
UKDETR U.K. Department of Environment U.K.
UKMO UK Meteorological Office U.K.
UK-NETCEN UK National Environmental Technology Centre U.K.
UK-Ricardo-AEA UK-Ricardo-AEA U.K.
UNKNOWN Agency ID is unknown to WOUDC UNKNOWN
USDA_CSU US Department of Agriculture - Colorado State University USA USDA_CSU_DSS.txt
UWO University of Western Ontario CANADA
Valparaiso_U Valparaiso University USA
Yonsei_U Yonsei University KOREA

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