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World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre (WOUDC)

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WOUDC Renewal - Request for Feedback

The data centre is undergoing renewal in order to modernize client services. Improved data access is one of the major enhancements (see data access summary page for details). As part of the renewal process we would like your feedback on the beta website http://beta.woudc.org.

Note that the beta website contains a small subset of the WOUDC archive as test data and that it is only available in English.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback through the WOUDC email address: email address (email subject to [beta-feedback]). For specific issues, please provide the URL and information / steps to identify / reproduce the issue.

FTP Status

Please note that data access is now restored using anonymous FTP. This change is part of overall improvements we are working on to provide an improved data access experience on our FTP site and data centre. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Citation Information

When publishing data retrieved from the WOUDC, follow the citation rules to acknowledge the WOUDC and the Agencies who author these data.

Information on Accessing and Submitting Data

Data Archive

Data Products

Brewer Data Management System (BDMS) - Level 0 Archive

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Created : 2002-12-31
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